Beat The Heat - Triple Digit Sale!

For the duration that Phoenix, Arizona stays over 100°F, you can buy 2 models and get a 3rd model free.

After buying 2 models (I get notifications from PayPal for every purchase) email me with your 3rd model choice.

Sale ends when Summer in Phoenix ends.

New Releases

Republic XF-12 Rainbow


Douglas DC-2

Nazi Haunebu II Flying Disc

Recent Repaints Submitted By Members

RC-3 SeaBee Yukon Airways

Repaint by YukonJohn

P-61 Black Widow 


Breda Be.88 Lince

Green Repaint


Search the site for your favorite plane

If I don't  have it, drop a suggestion, or commission it.

Here I'll post single sheet corrections to models. If you've purchased a model, go here to get the corrected sheet. Corrections will stay up for 2 weeks, then be taken down. They're also added to the full model download.


News and Stuff to Know

All models purchased are digital downloads that you download, print out and build yourself. There are no physical models to ship. If you want a prebuilt physical model, email me for special arrangements.

-Unfortunately this isn't a 24 hour operation. It's just me, and I work 5+ nights a week at my regular job, and sleep during the day, so please give me at least 8 hours to respond before filing a dispute or asking Paypal for a refund. I try to check email on my phone at work whenever possible.
-After making a purchase, Paypal should display a link that says "Return to Murph's Models"Do not close the page! Click the link, and it should take you to the model's download page. If your download doesn't work click here and follow the directions to hopefully fix the problem. If you don't get the "Return to Murph's Models" link. Email me and I'll send you the link. Remember to give me a few hours to respond, especially if it's between 11am and 7pm Mountain time in the USA.
-When you click the download link, depending on your browser's settings, a pdf of the file will open. Right click in the pdf and select "save as" to save it to your computer. 
-Check back often. I'm always adding new models and rotating out older models
-Repainters, check the repainters nook regularly. Sometimes I'll release a black and white version of an upcoming model before the colored version is ready.

Contact Me

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