Commission System

How things work:

-I prefer to keep 2 or 3 projects going at the same time. If I get frustrated with a model, I can switch to another project to keep myself focused without burning out.

-I don't open a page for a model until I get it onto paper.

-The more passion I have for a particular model, the more I can stay focused on it.

If I don't have a model that you want, you can bribe me to design it for you (I'm very susceptible to bribes).

There are 3 levels of bribes:

$50- This puts the model on my design list. It'll become the next project I start.

$100- The model gets top priority. I'll put my current project on hold and design your model, but I get to keep all rights and sell it on my site.

$200- Same as the previous level, except you get all rights to the model to do with as you please. It'll never appear on my site.

To commission a model, send me an emali at with the subject "Commission" so we can discuss it.