Commissions page

If you don't see a model that you really want on the site, you can commission me to design it for you.
There are 4 levels of commission:

$200 - Level 3 Commission = I immediately start working on the model, and it gets full priority (unless I'm already working on a Level 3 commission. In that case, I work on both at the same time). Also, you get all rights to the model to do with as you please. It won't appear on my site. Keep it all for yourself, sell it on your own site, give it away on your own site, or just give it away as a gift.

$100 - Level 2 Commission = The model will be the next model I work on after I finish the current project, then it gets all priority until finished. I still keep the rights to sell on my site, but you get all versions I come up with.

$50 - Level 1 Commission = The model will be the next model, but it won't get top priority (higher commissions will take priority)

$25 - Level 0 Commission = The model will go onto the design list, and I'll get to it when I can (This is more to make sure the model you want gets designed.)


Please contact me at [email protected] before commissioning a model so we can discuss it.


Current Commissions

Boeing 757 (Level 1)

Bristol Blenheim / Bolingbroke (Level 1)

Canadair CL-215/415 (Level 1)

Waco YQC-6 (pending)

Avro Arrow (Level 2)

Secret Commission (Level 2)


Planned Repaints

Repaints that I am planning on over the next year.


-707 American Airlines

-1900D Continental Connections

-Learjet 25 Finland

-Learjet 25 NASA

-North American Sabreliner Taylor Energy Co

-DA-40 Diamond Star USAF Academy T-52A


-AS350 Royal Australian Navy

-AS350 Brazilian Navy

-Mi-24 Hind Soviet Air Force

-Sikorsky VC-34 VIP Transport


-FW-44 Finland

-FW-44 China Nationalists

-ME-110 Romania

-Boulton Paul Defiant Target Tug

-Dehavilland Mosquito BOAC High Speed Transport

-Dehavilland Mosquito Target Tug

-BT-9 US Navy

-P-63 L-39 Swept Wing Testbed

-Grumman Avenger Fire Bomber

-B-25 Maid in the Shade

-T-28 US Marines

-FJ-4B US Navy

-U-4B US Army

-DHC-4 Caribou US Army Alaska

-DHC-4 Caribou Costa Rica Ministry of Public Security

-Fouga Magister Belgium Red Devils

-Fouga Magister Luftwaffe version 1

-Fouga Magister Luftwaffe version 2

-C-2 Greyhound VRC-40