How things work

Only models in the Beta testing stage are guaranteed to be released. I work on models as inspiration hits me. If I get frustrated, a model could be put on hold or given up on completely, depending on the difficulty I'm having with it. Also, if somebody commissions a model, everything else gets dropped and the commission model gets priority.


Models in Design Phase

Being in the design phase means I'm working on it. I don't have set completion dates



Commissioned models


Gathering information and preparing to start designing

Bell UH-1C Huey


Canadair CL-415

Douglas A2D Skyshark

Boeing 727

Dassault Falcon 900

Sukhoi Gulfstream S-21

Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech 

Models in Planning Stage

I'm definitely gonna do these. I just dunno when

-Grumman OV-01 Mohawk

-Northrop P-61 Black Widow

-Handley Page Victor

-Handley Page HP-42

-Boeing Vertol C-46 Sea Knight

-Budd RB-1 Conestoga

-Boeing 314 Clipper

-North American P-61 Black Widow

-Tupolev Tu-144

-F/A-18 Hornet

-F-4 Phantom

-Boeing C-17 

Don't see your favorite model on the list, or is it too far down? 
I accept commissions to drop everything and design your favorite model.

$200 Commission Plan: I design the model and have it beta tested using one of my talented expert beta-builders, then email you the model and you can do with it as you please. It won't be offered on this site. Give it away, sell it on the site of your choice, etc...

$100 Commission Plan: I design your favorite model (if it's not on the above list) but retain the rights and sell it as one of mine.

Email me at [email protected] for details if you're interested,