Jeff Orcutt Repaints- All proceeds go to his benefit

All money from sales of these models go directly to Jeff, deposited directly into his Paypal account.  I don't get any notification at all when a sale is made. So, email me at after purchase to get the links.

If you already have the model,think of it as a donation to him.

Martin PBM-5 SAR

Martin PBM-3C Mariner

Martin PBM-3C Mariner Nickel Boat

Martin PBM-5


Boeing 377 

Boeing KC-97 

Boeing KC-97

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser  Pan Am


These aren't Jeff Orcutt repaints, but they've been contributed to help out the cause.

NATO Boeing E-3 

NASA Boeing C-135 Vomit Comet

Dehavilland DHC-4 Caribou Santa