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Beechcraft Starship

The Beechcraft Starship is a twin-turboprop six- to eight-passenger pressurized business aircraft produced by Beech Aircraft Corporation (now Beechcraft).

Beech sold only eleven Starships in the three years following its certification. Beech attributed the slow sales to the economic slowdown in the late-1980s, the novelty of the Starship, and the tax on luxury items that was in effect in the United States at the time. However, reasons for the lack of demand probably included price, performance, and economic conditions. 

In an effort to stimulate demand, Beech began offering two-year leases on new Starships in 1991.

The last Starship, NC-53, was produced in 1995. In 2003 Beechcraft said that supporting such a small fleet of airplanes was cost-prohibitive and began scrapping and incinerating the aircraft under its control. The aircraft were sent to the Evergreen Air Center located at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona for destruction (No Starships visible as of November 7, 2015 Google Earth scan; aircraft assumed destroyed). A number of these aircraft (4 as of November 7, 2015, per Google Earth) are currently in storage at Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) 8 NM southeast of Pinal Airpark. 

Model Scale 1:48