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Cessna Citation CJ-3

The Citation CJ3, also known by its model number 525B, was first delivered in 2004 and was the third model in the line up of the popular CitationJet, abbreviated to CJ series. 

The CJ3 is powered by two Williams International FJ-44-3A turbofan power plants that produce 2820lbs of thrust each, and it can seat up to 9 passengers depending on how the interior is configured. The aircraft has two separate baggage compartments, easily accommodating several golf bags and plenty of baggage.

Unveiled at the September 2002 National Business Aviation Association convention, it first flew on April 17, 2003, was FAA certified in October 2004 and deliveries began in December of that year. The cockpit with Rockwell Collins avionics is designed for single-pilot operation but can accommodate two crew members. Its customizable cabin typically has six club seats in a center-style configuration with an accessible in flight baggage compartment and external baggage access.

Model Scale 1:36



400th CJ-3

National Underwater and 

Marine Agency

(Tribute to Clive Cussler)

In Memorium to Clive Cussler 1931 - 2020