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Douglas DC-2

The Douglas DC-2 is a 14-seat, twin-engined airliner that was produced by the American company Douglas Aircraft Corporation starting in 1934. It competed with the Boeing 247.
It was the DC-2 that first showed that passenger air travel could be comfortable, safe and reliable. As a token of this, KLM entered its first DC-2 PH-AJU Uiver (Stork) in the October 1934 MacRobertson Air Race between London and Melbourne. Out of the 20 entrants, it finished second behind only the purpose-built de Havilland DH.88 racer Grosvenor House. During the total journey time of 90 hours, 13 min, it was in the air for 81 hours, 10 min, and won the handicap section of the race. 

Model Scale 1:57

Pan AM Grace Airways


DC-2 KLM "Uiver"





Alternate tail markings included


C-32 US Army


C-33 KD10

Repaint by Butelczynski

Finnish Air Lines

Polish Lot Airlines

Repaint by Butelczynski

Finnish Hanssin-Jukka

Repaint by Butelczynski & YukonJohn




Douglas DC-2 Bundle


Unmarked B&W Version