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SNECMA C.450 Coleoptere

The SNECMA C.450 Coléoptère (meaning "beetle" in French, descended from Greek for "sheathed wing") was a VTOL aircraftdeveloped by the French company SNECMA in the 1950s. It was a single-person aircraft with an annular wing designed to take-off and land vertically, therefore requiring no runway and very little space. 

The Coléoptère first left the ground, on a gantry, in December 1958, with Auguste Morel in the cockpit. After this he made eight successful flights up to a maximum of 2,625 ft. The ninth flight, on 25 July 1959, was planned to make limited moves towards the horizontal but with insufficient instrumentation and a lack of visual benchmarks the aircraft became too inclined and too slow to maintain altitude. Morel was unable to regain control and escaped with an ejection at 492 ft. He survived but was badly injured; the aircraft was destroyed and a planned second prototype did not receive funding.

Model Scale 1:35


SNECMA C.450 Coleoptere

Ground Handling Trailer