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Velocity XL

The Velocity XL has the largest cabin of all 4 seat kit aircraft. With 47.5" shoulder to shoulder, the XL is, in fact, larger than most general aviation aircraft – including most twins. With recommended engine capacity of 260 to 310 HP, expect a cruise speed of 200 knots (230 mph)... from what must be one of the world's most spacious and practical single engine aircraft! The "XL" stands for Xtra Large...and this plane is extra wide by 5.5" and extra long by 10". In addition, the pilot/co-pilot height is increased by 1" and the rear seat height increased by 2". Extra fuel (up to 93 gal) to feed an extra large engine – 260 and 310 horse power. The Velocity XL is the flagship of the Velocity line of fine airplanes

Model Scale 1:27


Velocity XL


Unmarked B&W Version